About “REACOM” company:

Scientific Research Centre “REACOM” is the sole developer and producer of chelated micronutrient fertilizers in Ukraine.

The primary objective of the company is to implement in agriculture high – performance technologies and scientific research results in the field of plants nutrition allowing significant increase of crop yield and quality of agricultural products.

The main products produced by the company are chelated micronutrient fertilizers containing microelements in biologically active form for pre-seeding seeds treatment and foliar plants fertilizing.

The production of the company is an up-to-date chemical plant, at which effective micronutrient fertilizers and growth stimulators are produced by means of complex synthesis. Production sites are fitted out with modern equipment, operated by qualified personal, having profound knowledge of production technology, what allows to make production of high quality. The majority of our specialists have higher education and wide working experience.

During 2007-2009 the production of the company was expanded – two production lines were assembled.

  • Sokolovskiy Institute of Soil Sciences and Agricultural Chemistry;
  • Tahirov Institute of Grape Growing and Wine Production;
  • Institute of Cereal Farming;
  • Institute of Sugar Beet;
  • Institute of Potato farming;
  • Institute of Oil-Producing Crops etc.

Why choose microfertilizers REAKOM

Balance of the ratio of trace elements

Composition of micronutrient fertilizers was worked out in cooperation with the relevant institutes of the Academy of Agricultural science taking into consideration national soil and climate conditions.

Designed to meet all conditions

Microelements are balanced according to demands of certain agricultural crops. Microelements, the fertilizers comprise, are in biologically active (chelate) form, that’s why they are easily and quickly assimilated by the plants.

Bargain price per gram

The price for one gram of chelated microelements in “REAKOM” micronutrient fertilizers is 2-20 times lower than for analogs.


Туровский Юрий Ефимович
Turovsky Yury Efimovich

Founder of SPC LLC «Rеаком»